Hearing Evalutions And Testing

Did you know that along with regular dental and vision checkups, your hearing needs to be evaluated to ensure the health of your ears? Many Americans don’t realize how important a hearing evaluation can be, both for preserving your natural hearing ability and for uncovering any impairments that you may have.

With over 30 million people experiencing some form of hearing loss, there’s a chance that you could have an impairment and not even know it. Over time, these conditions can get worse and can impact your ability to enjoy your day to day life. Thankfully, the team at Pratt Hearing Aids has been performing comprehensive hearing evaluations for over 30 years and can help you on the road to better hearing health.

To determine if a hearing aid is necessary, a complete hearing evaluation is the first step. Hearing tests are quick, painless, and easy to participate in. They help clarify the source of your hearing loss, its severity, and which solutions will meet your needs. Our hearing evaluations consist of a variety of tests to determine the unique aspects of your hearing loss, as well as the level at which you can detect and understand speech.

We will discuss your current medical history and take the time to get to know how your hearing ability affects your everyday life. After a series of audiometric tests, our professionals will discuss their findings with you in detail. Remember, selecting the right course of treatment depends on your needs, so we will make sure you completely understand your type of hearing loss and the ways it can be treated. It might help to bring a family member with you to your appointment, as hearing loss often affects more than just you.

Whether you’re looking for a basic hearing aid that does the job or you want something with more advanced features, we’ll discuss your options in detail. Rest assured, you’re never pressured to make a purchase Pratt Hearing Aids. It’s our goal to thoroughly educate and guide you to the solution that you feel the most comfortable with.

Contact our office today to schedule a hearing evaluation and get on the path toward preserving and restoring your natural hearing ability. With over 30 years of experience in the hearing healthcare industry, our team is knowledgeable and ready to meet your every need.

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