Financing Hearing Aids

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Financing Hearing Aids

Investing in your hearing health can impact your health, well-being, and overall quality of life. Clear, vibrant hearing enhances communication, fosters stronger connections with loved ones, improves social interactions, and reduces feelings of isolation or detachment. It also contributes to enhanced cognitive abilities, as hearing plays a crucial role in brain stimulation and cognitive function. Even professional success is often intertwined with effective communication, and better hearing can significantly improve job performance and opportunities. Overall, prioritizing your hearing health leads to a more fulfilling and engaged life, connecting you with what matters most.

At Pratt Hearing Aids, we understand the importance of this investment, and we're here to help you make the investment with confidence.

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Protecting Your Investment

When you choose Pratt Hearing Aids for your hearing devices, you not only invest in superior hearing but also enjoy added protection. We include a three-year warranty for most hearing aids, as well as batteries, and ongoing care. This support helps you protect your investment and enjoy great hearing for years to come. Your hearing aids are built to last, and our commitment is to ensure they do just that.
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Affordability That Aligns with Your Needs

Finding the perfect hearing aids shouldn’t come at a high cost. Our range of hearing aids includes a selection of high-quality and affordable devices. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect hearing solutions at prices that fit comfortably within your budget. 

We also accept insurance, and we will work with you to find out if your insurance plan covers hearing tests, hearing aids, and follow-up care. We also accept some financing options, so contact us to find out more.

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Introducing Our Hearing Aid Leasing Program

For as low as $99 per month, you can explore our innovative hearing aid leasing program with Phonak Hearing Aids. This exciting opportunity comes with an array of benefits, including:

  • A straightforward monthly fee, with no hidden surprises (please note that the first month's payment is due at delivery).
  • Comprehensive coverage for peace of mind, with protection against loss, theft, and damage to your hearing aids (a deductible may apply).
  • Ongoing support, professional cleanings, and annual screenings to keep your hearing aids in top shape and ensure they’re adjusted to match your hearing needs.
  • A three-year warranty on Phonak Hearing Aids.

You can enjoy a hearing aid with advanced technology, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, speech enhancement, and so much more. With no down payment required and no price negotiation, this program offers unparalleled ease and affordability.

For further details, please contact us at 419-963-3866.

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Flexible Financing with Allegro Credit®

To further accommodate your hearing needs and budget, we accept Allegro Credit. This financing option includes flexible payment plans, with no application fees, prepayment fees, or hidden charges. Discover more about Allegro Credit at

The Convenience of CareCredit®

We also accept CareCredit, a specialized credit card designed for healthcare costs. This can include hearing services, hearing tests, and hearing aids. CareCredit empowers you to receive services not typically covered by health insurance, offering specialized financing for these essential services. To explore the full range of options, visit
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Hearing Aids You Can Afford

We are committed to your hearing well-being and financial comfort. Our goal is to provide you with unparalleled service and support every step of the way, ensuring you can experience the joys of clear and vibrant hearing without compromise. Contact us with any questions or to explore your financing options. Our family is here to help your family hear.
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Better Hearing Starting at Just $99/Month

Discover our affordable hearing aid leasing options and regain the sounds you've been missing.
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