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Hearing Aid Services

Elevating Your Hearing Care Experience

At Pratt Hearing Aids, we’re fully committed to your hearing health. We combine the best of in-person, phone, and remote services to help you access quality hearing health services. Ready to access exceptional hearing care? We offer a range of online services to help you get the care you need from the comfort of your own home.
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Prioritizing Your Safety and Well-Being

We place the highest priority on your health and safety, and we are dedicated to adhering to all recommended guidelines. We encourage you to reach out to us before visiting our office if you have questions about our safety measures.

Online Scheduling

When it comes to scheduling an appointment, our team is ready to help. Give us a call or send a text, and we’ll answer all your questions to help you determine what kind of appointment you need. We also have an online booking service you can use at any time for added convenience.
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Hearing Screening

Hearing screenings can be done in-office or remotely.

For in-office screenings, our state-of-the-art hearing booth provides results and helps us identify your unique type and degree of hearing loss. Comprehensive hearing tests give us the information we need to recommend the most appropriate hearing aids to meet your specific hearing needs. In many cases, an in-person hearing test is the most accurate way to fit hearing aids. It’s also a chance for you to meet our stellar staff!

If you can’t make it into the office or prefer a remote option, you can have a hearing screening from the comfort of your own home with our at-home hearing evaluation. While we always value the opportunity to meet you in person, this remote evaluation can help us determine if an in-office assessment is needed. Please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will guide you through the process of conducting our hearing evaluation remotely.

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Audiology Telehealth Services

Facing issues with your hearing aids? Whether you’ve noticed changes in power, issues with connectivity, or reduced sound quality, we can help. Most modern hearing aids now offer remote troubleshooting capabilities. Contact us to let us know what issues you’re having, and we’ll help you get your hearing aids back in shape. If we can’t solve the issue remotely, we’ll help you schedule an appointment for maintenance and repairs.
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Remote Hearing Aid Adjustments

When it comes to optimizing your hearing health, hearing aid fittings are incredibly important. During a fitting, we fine-tune your hearing aids, calibrating them to match your exact hearing needs. 

Traditionally, these fittings have been conducted in-office, allowing us to assess your hearing aids to make sure they’re as effective as possible. We now offer remote programming and hearing aid adjustments so you can get your devices adjusted without coming into the office. We also offer a drive-up service so you can receive expert hearing aid fitting without leaving the comfort of your vehicle.

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Hearing Aid Repair Services

If you notice any changes in your hearing aid performance or they’re visibly damaged, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call and explain the challenges you are facing with your hearing aids. We’ll walk you through several troubleshooting options to help solve the issue.

For more extensive damage or for any problems we can’t fix over the phone, we’ll book a repair appointment. You can come into the office, use our drop-box, or even take advantage of our mail-in repair services.

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Protecting Your Health

We remain committed to the highest standards of health and safety. Your hearing health is our top priority, and we are dedicated to delivering exceptional care in a safe environment. Your journey to better hearing begins here, and we can’t wait to provide you with a tailored experience that meets your unique needs.
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